32 Hard Facts Most People Won’t Swallow

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  1. Most people in your life you tell your problems to either don’t give a crap or don’t have your interests in mind; or both.
  2. There is a lot more you don’t know.
  3. Money solves a lot of problems.
  4. People say a lot of inspirational things and tell you that money isn’t everything — at the end of it all, they follow the dollar. It speaks the most. Inspirational thoughts won’t pay rent.
  5. Drugs are mainly an escape. If your reality is terrible, they welcome you to a new world every time.
  6. It’s not on sale and you’re not getting the best deal. You can check eBay instantly.
  7. Credit is temporary, debt can follow you for what feels like forever.
  8. Your favorite politician is a crook.
  9. Jesus isn’t telling you to be racist. Stop using his name to defend your terrible deeds.
  10. We love having minimum wage workers at our favorite places like McDonald’s and Starbucks — but we refuse to acknowledge that they should make enough money to survive.
  11. Prior proper preparedness prevents poor performance.
  12. People kill people, yes. People kill people with guns. If you limit the accessibility of guns, then you limit gun violence. Gun ban and gun control are two different things. If the government wanted to harm its citizens, the guns in your home won’t be enough to defend against our trillion-dollar annual defense budget, which you, the taxpayer, fund.
  13. If you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room.
  14. The odds of you existing are 1 in 400 trillion.
  15. You don’t need a juice diet, you need a lifestyle change. Also, juice is carbs. You need protein. Protein is what supports and retains your lean muscle when you eat at a calorie deficit and begin to lose weight.
  16. You’re not doing everything you can.
  17. Everybody needs some phrase or saying or justification to help them cope with terrible things they’ve done.
  18. We all have skeletons.
  19. Being mistreated isn’t a reason to mistreat others.
  20. Almost everything is a matter of perspective. (even my list!)
  21. If it took you years to put the weight on, it can take you years to get it off.
  22. Healing from break-ups isn’t a thing, the pain fades with time and you learn to be okay after a while.
  23. You’re not as important as you think you are.
  24. Losing feels worse than winning feels good.
  25. We judge on first appearances. Financial status is important.
  26. You getting to old age is not a guarantee. You might drop dead tomorrow. There is always a chance.
  27. If you depended on your parents and loved ones to get to where you are, you are in debt to them forever. Any excuse you make, you need to live with.
  28. The vast majority of people going out at night in Los Angeles lead meaningless lives.
  29. Bad things happen and you overreact. Learn patience. Without it, you’re nothing.
  30. Life’s not fair. That doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful.
  31. Advertising is about somebody else telling you what you want.
  32. Having a child won’t save your marriage.

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