Attacks and bombings on peaceful, civilian territories within Artsakh; upper region of Askeran.

“When Armenia talked tough, Azerbaijan took action”

Imagine if, every day, you woke up to another 9/11.

Rick Scott looking alive to grill technology companies on “censorship”. Source: Congress.

“You allow murderous dictators all around the world to freely use your platform”

Surrounded by almost a hundred million people between two countries, landlocked, a fight for what is left of a homeland; explaining #ArtsakhStrong

(Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/AP)

After a full playthrough, a quick overview

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The internet story leaps decades at a time before major publications decide to write about them. Then they stop to wonder why their audience is shrinking because their journalism is terrible.

Image by dexmac from Pixabay

Why the conflation of day-trading, risk, and volatility with “investing” is going to kill true value.

Image by Intellectual from Pixabay

How burning away all your money can teach you about proportionality (don’t do this at home)

Source: TheWeek.

America’s healing begins with dissociating Trump and all his associations from any political faction.

“The protectors of our industries”. Cartoon showing Cyrus Field, Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Russell Sage, seated on bags of “millions”, on a large raft, and being carried by workers of various professions. Date 7 February 1883

Real growth is often slow, boring, and non-obvious.

  1. inflate valuation. (so they make more money)
  2. find more investors to provide capital for additional funding rounds. (so they further inflate valuation, and, again, make more money)
  3. find an investment bank to provide even more outside capital and draft IPO documents. (so they further inflate valuation, and, again, again, make more money)

What doesn’t surprise you might render you more confused; topologists not welcome.

A Redditor asks the questions that truly disturbs Americans. Source: r/dataisbeautiful by u/dyqv

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