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Attacks and bombings on peaceful, civilian territories within Artsakh; upper region of Askeran.

“When Armenia talked tough, Azerbaijan took action”

Carlotta Gall is a British journalist who is also Istanbul’s bureau chief for The New York Times. Azerbaijan has been in the middle of a $3 billion money-laundering scandal that has been directly linked to four shell companies registered in Britain.

Gall calling herself a journalist is the equivalent of Donald Trump claiming that the Central Park Five should have been executed. They’re pinnacles of fraudulence designed to stir emotion and sell it off as war-fevered nationalism.

I was paralyzed by a comparison.

Imagine if, every day, you woke up to another 9/11.

That is exactly what’s happening to Armenia right now. Their per-capita casualties, when set side-by-side with America, are the equivalent of a 9/11 happening every day. The bombings began on September 27 — it’s almost a month straight of a new list of dead children, soldiers, youth. …

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Rick Scott looking alive to grill technology companies on “censorship”. Source: Congress.

“You allow murderous dictators all around the world to freely use your platform”

On October 28, 2020, Rick Scott comfortably sat in on his Zoom call to swing his pole of justice down on big tech censorship policies.

“Politifact is clearly a liberal media group.” He said. “You allow dangerous dictators on your platform.”

Surrounded by almost a hundred million people between two countries, landlocked, a fight for what is left of a homeland; explaining #ArtsakhStrong

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(Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/AP)

I sit here, today, on a gloomy evening in my home, writing about the kids younger than myself who are being killed defending what Armenia has left of a homeland. Writing about bombings, murder, and unanticipated gunfire at a moment’s notice.

My people are under siege.

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Image by dexmac from Pixabay

Why the conflation of day-trading, risk, and volatility with “investing” is going to kill true value.

Here is a definition for risk: a situation involving exposure to danger.

Here is a definition for volatility: liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.

The definitions can’t be accepted, primarily because they differ depending on where you look.

We can find those definitions on Investopedia, too.

Risk: Risk is defined in financial terms as the chance that an outcome or investment’s actual gains will differ from an expected outcome or return. Risk includes the possibility of losing some or all of an original investment.

Volatility: Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index. …

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Image by Intellectual from Pixabay

How burning away all your money can teach you about proportionality (don’t do this at home)

This is going to be fun.

Alright, let’s say I’m a pyromaniac, and to feed my love of fires, I use my money to burn in my fireplace instead of logs.

Now, I have a billion dollars, so let’s say I’m burning cash — literally — every single day.

I’m shoveling $50,000 into my fireplace. Everyday.

In a year, I will have burned $18,250,000.

In this scenario, I have no expenses in my life, or at least my expenses are relatively little since all I do is spend my time shoveling my cash into the fireplace.

After nearly 55 years, I’m an old man. …

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Source: TheWeek.

America’s healing begins with dissociating Trump and all his associations from any political faction.

In a time before Kayleigh McEnany was the White House press secretary, she was a paid commentator who would sometimes appear on CNN and Fox Business.

She has publicly called Trump a “showman” who is “inauthentic”. But something happened in McEnany’s trajectory that landed her in the White House for a man who she, apparently, never thought to fulfill the role of a GOP president.

At one point in time, McEnany stood for human decency. Before Trump tapped her into the White House boxing ring, she called his comments on Mexican immigrants “racist”.

Before transferring to Harvard Law School she received advice about changing her attitude toward Trump. That advice involved her accepting Trump as the candidate for the Republican party. …

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“The protectors of our industries”. Cartoon showing Cyrus Field, Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Russell Sage, seated on bags of “millions”, on a large raft, and being carried by workers of various professions. Date 7 February 1883

Real growth is often slow, boring, and non-obvious.

An exit strategy is a poor benchmark to create meaningful value, for both yourself and anybody involved with you.

Exit strategies also involve venture capital or outside cash that want to either

  1. inflate valuation. (so they make more money)
  2. find more investors to provide capital for additional funding rounds. (so they further inflate valuation, and, again, make more money)
  3. find an investment bank to provide even more outside capital and draft IPO documents. (so they further inflate valuation, and, again, again, make more money)

At every step, the gap between what you’re capable of bringing to the table and what the table is valuing you at is widening. …

What doesn’t surprise you might render you more confused; topologists not welcome.

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A Redditor asks the questions that truly disturbs Americans. Source: r/dataisbeautiful by u/dyqv

When American Express denies your credit application for that nice, new, shiny plastic they’ve released, and your credit report is spotless, they’re an asshole. Of course, we’re using the singular hole there, even though American Express is quite clearly more than one person.

Just like American Express, mathematicians are assholes³. They’ll make up words for things you don’t understand, only to throw those words your way when they’re losing the argument (at least, in my mind). …

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Photo by Tsunami Green from Pexels

The correlation between your existence and your confidence — and what it all means.

Everyone in your ecosystem is the same in most ways.

We have different heights, of course. Some male, some female. All of us go to the bathroom in the same way, and all of us clean our bottoms. At some point, all our lives end.

The difference between you and those who society places above you is perception.

Building confidence in yourself is the thought experiment in which every problem in your life has an array of solutions. More importantly, it’s the confirmation that those solutions don’t require nervousness or anxiety.

Successful people grown from the bottom by themselves have this. Because, along the curve of existence, they learned quicker than the rest how to adapt and survive. …

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The GOP logic loop, a streamlined process to accelerate death

They don’t really shock me, anymore.

The problem with this line of thinking is that it’s a qualifier for literally anything. Hey, you survived the plague? Great, you have immunity now!

The people who run the legislative and executive wing of current are the anti-science brigade that is dethroning things that used to have consensus; things like science, truth, reality, basic understanding, etc.

Yes, immunity is a great thing. Yes, it’s a good thing if someone survived from COVID. …


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