David Blaine’s Newest Project is Called ‘Ascension’

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Originally marked for August 31st, David Blaine had set out for his most ambitious project yet: Ascension.

He wanted to hold on to a bunch of balloons and fly away until he couldn’t be seen anymore. The project was originally earmarked for New York City. That ended up being scrapped, with Blaine telling his subscribers on YouTube that the new location will be Arizona. The new date, he says, will be either September first or second.

Whether it is standing in a block of ice, being buried alive, standing on a pillar, or holding his breath for an insane amount of time, Blaine doesn’t seem bound to the same physical limits the rest of humanity deals with.

His latest ambition isn’t a magic trick, either. In fact, none of his craziest projects have been tricks at all. For this project, YouTube helped him find the best engineers and pilots to be able to go through with this endeavor.

This project has been in development for over a year now, according to the Joe Rogan Experience. David Blaine always seems to be working on the next big act. Flying away with a bunch of balloons is exactly that.

The analog is quite powerful. Inside this project, the message is really about everybody else. We live in an age where we can turn dreams into reality through the proper channels. Where the imagination doesn’t need to cycle back and away into the recesses of the mind; one can render it a reality if the right people are involved.

In that sense, Blaine’s latest venture is actually about hope. Whether it’s overcoming impossible challenges or teaching you that the psychology of magic is more important than the magic itself, Blaine seems to always have some underlying lesson in store for us.

If anybody is interested in watching it, you’ll likely find the live stream here.

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