DMT Helped Explain a Recurring Dream I had for 10 Years — Here’s What Happened

In my college years, in my bedroom, with my ex-girlfriend

Anthony Andranik Moumjian
5 min readAug 15, 2020


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The greatest, most beautiful experiences you didn’t know you were capable of producing

Somewhere between youthful desperation for love and loneliness, I had one last promise with my old girlfriend. We were together for about 4 years into my early 20s. We told each other that we’d do DMT one day, together.

What I didn’t know is that this experience would be after we broke up.

In my bedroom, a few miles away from the Berkeley campus, there was a king-size memory foam mattress, a two-liter soda bottle with the bottom part cut off, some foil replacing that bottom part, and DMT powder inside the bottle on the foil.

The instructions were simple: Light a flame under the foil and allow the chemical to vaporize inside the bottle with the top screwed on. When it was saturated and the powder was gone, unscrew the top and inhale. Hold what you can for as long as you can, then exhale.

The effect was nearly instant but dulled and dim. After a second inhalation, I sat with my head down, as if I was going to sleep.

I remember some music playing and a music video being displayed on my projector. I remember blue lines carving around the images my eyes were displaying. The room was tinted for some reason. Stuff was beginning to get fuzzier — until I began to go limp.

What felt like one hour of this was only about 15 seconds.

Then, I went to sleep. I don’t remember this transition. I knew I was there, in the room, but I stopped having that awareness. I woke up in the same room, and I walked out of my room, and out of my home. My ex-girlfriend and my sister were still there, according to this dream state.

I crossed over.

I went to the other side. I believe there was about 45mg of DMT that I took. According to the only other person in the room, I simply fell to my side and dozed away.

In my dream state, I was off and away. For a little bit, it felt normal. Then, my world…



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