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How Does the Healthcare System in America Bankrupt its Citizens?

A look at how a simple thing has been corrupted over time

According to Ben Shapiro, the United States has the best health facilities in the world. This framework is predicated on three things, of which Shapiro claims you can only have two: Affordability, universality, or quality.

A few weeks ago, my mom had an overnight stay at one of our fabulous facilities. I was 99% sure she had a staph infection — her hand was swollen. When I took her initially, I thought we would be in and out.


15 hours of IV fluids with antibiotics.

I picked her up the next morning and she was fine. Swelling had gone done. They gave her antibiotics to take for another week.

The bill for all of that was $20,000.

We don’t pay for the full thing, by the way. Just half. The other half goes to you, the taxpayer. That also includes Shapiro.

For fluids. It’s estimated that a bag of distilled water, or saline, is going to run around 50 cents. Add in antibiotics and a 15-hour watch along with an MRI, and the magical number we get charged is $20,000.

It follows this chart, actually:

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Chart for Life expectancy mapped against per capita health expenditure, by country. Source: Our World in Data.

We are about double or triple the spending, per person, than any other country on the planet. Countries that Shapiro sees as “worse” have citizens that are living longer while spending less on healthcare.

These fabulous facilities aren’t providing us with a propensity to live longer. We are dying sooner and spending more.

I know what Shapiro’s rebuttal would be: This is a reflection of poor human choices, we are fat and diabetic because of bad habits. The problem with this line of thinking is that even if we were managing to achieve the same life expectancy as the rest of the world, we would still be paying more to live the same length.

This is a society that created all these fabulous institutions and facilities that he speaks so highly about. If the humans that live and make up the economy in this country are terrible decision-makers, shouldn’t it reflect itself in the facilities we create?

The worst thing about people like Shapiro is that they speak about solutions and unity while also causing a divide in the very country they preach for.

They both push and they pull at two ends of the same rope.

Everything points to the United States circumventing reasonable healthcare in order to line the pockets of the elite capitalists that design the healthcare agenda along with all its made-up costs.

If we truly believed that our healthcare was better than everywhere else, we’d be able to provide better healthcare at a better price point.

Rick Scott defrauded the great healthcare system of ours back in 1993. His company officially paid back $2 billion in penalties for running a fraud ring among a multi-billion dollar healthcare provider.

He defrauded you. He defrauded people like Ben Shapiro.

That man became Governor of Florida in 2010, and he got re-elected in 2014.

He’s a senator for the great state of Florida today.

Fraudster now makes policy for our great country. Read all about him here.

He ran the biggest healthcare fraud ring of his time. Now he gets to make policy, legally.

For every Rick Scott that’s caught, there are dozens that go unnoticed. All milking the system, you and me, for our tax dollars. On top of that, you’ll be left with a bill for whatever you were in the hospital for. Whether you’re leaving the hospital a COVID survivor with a $1.1 million bill or you’re my mom who has a $20,000 bill associated with IV and antibiotics, you’ll be chased to the ends of the earth to pay for it.

While Ben Shapiro protects this fabulous system, I can’t imagine how much better we are going to get in the future. You can make all the arguments you want in this country, but it seems you can’t teach people basic arithmetic.

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