Let’s talk about this guy.

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That’s not a green screen in the back.

His name is Wim Hof. They call him The Iceman.

He can withstand extreme cold.

No, not single digit numbers without a shirt on.

Not a wind chill in New York in January.

So extreme that it would kill anybody else.

He has set a world record for the farthest swim under ice, going 188.6 feet under.

He has the fastest half marathon barefoot on snow and ice, running 2 hours and 16 minutes. (most can’t do this in regular climate!)

He has spent 1 hour and 53 minutes in full body contact with ice.

Normally, this should kill anybody between 15 and 45 minutes in.

He has climbed Mt. Everest to 25,000 feet in just shorts and boots.

So the big question remains.


He employs something called “The Wim Hof” method.

He manipulates his mind and his breathing patterns to help his body create an ability to warm itself.

Sounds weird right?

He went under a study with researchers at Wayne State University.

He showed that when he didn’t employ his method of rapid breathing, “his skin temperature would fluctuate between about 33.5 degrees Celsius with the warm water and 31.5 degrees Celsius with the cold.”

However, when he did use his method, “his skin temperature stayed almost perfectly steady at just under 34 degrees Celsius.”

They found in the PET scan later that “the rapid breathing exercise worked by warming the capillaries in the lungs.”

This warming effect of the breathing exercise allows the blood to circulate more freely in the body.

Here he is explaining the exercise to someone else.

Additionally, and weirdly enough, “Hof didn’t demonstrate an increase of activity in the anterior insula, where higher-function thermoregulation is done. Instead, he had an unexpected spike in the periaqueductal gray matter, which is associated with control of sensory pain. Maybe it really is mind over matter after all.”

And he takes this insanity even a step farther.

Hof claimed (and was tested) to be able to control his immune system with his consciousness.

So the most insane thing a human has survived?

Well, Hof makes it seem like you can kind of survive anything.

Life is truly mind over matter.

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