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Killing Americans with GOP Misinformation About COVID — How two Tweets Explain Pretty Much Everything

The GOP logic loop, a streamlined process to accelerate death

They don’t really shock me, anymore.

Source: Twitter.

The problem with this line of thinking is that it’s a qualifier for literally anything. Hey, you survived the plague? Great, you have immunity now!

The people who run the legislative and executive wing of current are the anti-science brigade that is dethroning things that used to have consensus; things like science, truth, reality, basic understanding, etc.

Yes, immunity is a great thing. Yes, it’s a good thing if someone survived from COVID. However, Senators like Rand Paul consistently equate mask-wearing to oppression and preach their sermon to their constituency about its ineffectiveness — which is false.

Then, when the COVID rates spike, he ends up asking for an explanation as to why it has spiked.

Source: Twitter.

The problem with Rand Paul isn’t that he gets to say these things. You’re allowed to be stupid as a citizen in America. The problem is that he’s literally a leader spewing trash that ends up killing people.

Imagine how insane you have to be to believe that mask-wearing is oppression.

You burden the health system, you stress out the healthcare workers, you scream about how the truth from medical experts are actual lies, and then you’re curious as to why COVID cases have skyrocketed.

And then you’re happy that people are developing immunity, calling it good news.

The issue has never been about being compassionate about immunity. The issue has been about how many of the “seriously ill” people could have been completely avoided if you just told people to wear a fucking mask while some of the smartest people in medicine develop a vaccine.

It’s like a race to save humanity from the apex of its own stupidity.

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