“Nice Prius” -Nobody

Why the obsession over cars has nothing to do with cars and everything to do with the semblance of status.

Source: Oleksandr Pyrohov on Pixabay

There is something that Dave Chappelle said about men with nice cars.

Men aren’t obsessed with nice cars.

It actually has nothing to do with having a nice car.

It actually has nothing to do with having nice things.

If it wasn’t for a woman, he says that men would “sleep in a cardboard box.”

The entire point of the car is an object that acts to call women over. Maybe not even women — I would go so far as to say that it covers things that men feel insecure about.

I don’t think actual car enthusiasts disagree that Lamborghinis and Ferraris are mostly sheeted metal with fancy perforations and special badges that distinguish them from everything else.

You pay the premium for the badged status the car gives you.

There is a gargantuan list of cars that give similar or better performance for car junkies wanting a true thrill. In this list, it seldom forces the person to pay in excess of a quarter million dollars.

Remove the value sports cars, remove the need for a daily car to drive, remove the practicality — all you have left is a person who wants something that other people will see.

Whether that is other men, whether that is women, whether that is just to brush their own ego.

There is a great saying that states the essence: Those who have, don’t show — those who show, don’t have.

Take your pick.

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