Re: Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Here is how a congressperson refuses to admit that 1.5 million of my people were systematically killed.

The cliché we frequently hear; actions speak louder than words. The irony in a cliché is that it isn’t understood until it’s experienced, revealing the ultimate truth.

House of Representatives Congressperson Ilhan Omar.

Representative of Minnesota’s 5th district. Democrat.

She’s seen as a human rights champion domestic and abroad.

On October 29, 2019, when the House of Representatives voted on a resolution to identify the mass killings that Turkey orchestrated starting 1914 that lasted until 1923.

Specifically, to identify those killings as genocide.

As the Armenian Genocide.

As the first genocide of the 20th century, a name that my people have been fighting for every single year for decades on end.

The resolution passed, 405 voting in favor of, and only 11 voting not in favor.

Ilhan was one of the three who marked themselves “present”.

This was her explanation for why she didn’t vote in favor of the resolution.

Saying that the Armenian Genocide is somehow not based on the “academic consensus”. Every historian that has a reputation behind them will agree that the Armenian Genocide happened. The International Association of Genocide Scholars wrote this letter in 2006, making clear that it was a unanimous decision of all member scholars from around the world that the Armenian Genocide was a targeted extermination of the Armenian people.

When everybody is in agreement, across party lines, that the Genocide is something that happened.

If you are one of three that vote present, or one of the 11 that vote no, aren’t you the one that is in the vacuum of “push and pull politics”?

This is something that 49 out of 50 states already recognize.

That 32 countries — soon to be 33 — recognize.

It’s a shameful mark for my people; massacred, exhausted, relocated, relocated again, immigrated, without a home.

To suffer at the hands of one more massacre from a person who stands in power completely ill-informed, or, worse, for the purpose to intentionally corrupt.

Who surrounds herself with those involved in human rights accusations and massacres even until today:

She refused to support the “Protect Against Conflict by Turkey Act”, which passed 403–16, a bill to impose economic sanctions on Turkey over its aggression and violence towards Kurds in northern Syria.

I struggle to find the human rights champion in Ilhan.

I struggle to find a reason she should be representing anyone in any district.

This isn’t only shameful — it’s disgusting.

To exist in a nation that may not be perfect but still functions in a vein to correct rotten behaviors and progress.

Existing in a nation that champions individual rights and individual liberty.

To sit idly as “present” while refusing to vote in favor of a resolution that acknowledges over 1.5 million Armenians systematically killed.

A time period that attempted to exterminate my people for good.

The ultimate irony is to campaign on a platform you have no intention of upholding; for some reason; Ilhan’s sense of justice is only semblance. Because, if you are voting present, you aren’t acknowledging anything, you are insulting the graves of 1.5 million exterminated.

My grandparents immigrated to this country because they believed in its values. They believed in the safety of a place they can call home.

I’ve learned through Ilhan that actions speak volumes; I understand the eternal fear and paranoia with Jewish people the same way I understand that paralysis with my own. This fear of never knowing when the next cleansing may take place, and who is perpetuating that sentiment.

‘Human rights champion’: You are an insult to the phrase you base your identity on.

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