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Cartoonist: Charlie Hebdo

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is Threatening to Press Charges and Escalate Tensions

This was the line Erdoğan drew for the world. If Turkey’s leadership wasn’t already a silly group of make-believe dictators, there might have been room to fall farther when it comes to the respect of the international community.

French editorial Charlie Hebdo prompted Erdoğan’s lawyers to file a criminal complaint with the Ankara prosecutor’s office. The cartoon illustrates Erdoğan, drinking alcohol, which is forbidden by almost all observant Muslims.

However, Erdoğan is not all observant Muslims. In fact, it would be hard to say that he is in any way shape or form a model Muslim worthy of being observed.

“There is no way you can defend as a lifestyle the consumption of alcohol which has no benefit to society, but on the contrary inflicts harm.” Erdoğan said. — April 26, 2013

Erdoğan clearly understands things that have “no benefit to society”. In 2014, he had a brand new Presidential Complex built, spanning 1,150 rooms and costing the country over a billion U.S. dollars. The palace was made with Erdoğan’s vision of a “New Turkey”. His opposition, however, blasts him for wasting the nation’s resources and taxpayer dollars.

Six years later and 17 years in power, Turkey’s position in the world hasn’t improved. In that stretch of time, Erdoğan has taken decent strides toward fascism in the name of hyper-nationalism. Many of the hopes for a democratic Turkey have vanished.

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United States Dollar — Turkish Lira exchange rate. Source: BusinessInsider.

Concerns over the interest of international trade have slowly revealed themselves in indicators such as the exchange rate between any international currency and the Turkish Lira. It has inflated against the United States Dollar by almost 300% since 2016 alone.

But maybe Erdoğan’s God will help fix his economy as his people find new ways to make moonshine in the privacy of their homes. Erdoğan’s answer is simple: the national beverage is a yoghurt drink they call ayran.

The world is beginning to understand that it doesn’t need dictators like Erdoğan. Especially dictators that refuse to accept basic history in the genocides against the Armenians, the Greeks, and the Assyrians. Especially in the attempted re-extermination of the Armenian people today in the Caucuses. Or those in Cyprus. Or the detained Kurdish mayors who disappear at a moment’s notice. Or the Kurdish men who simply vanish without ever returning home.

It’s not a matter of Erdoğan having a problem with everyone disrespecting him. It’s a matter of Erdoğan being the sole problem.

And whether the Turkish people will ever want to admit that they truly have Hitler for a leader.

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