Rick Scott looking alive to grill technology companies on “censorship”. Source: Congress.

Senator Rick Scott Unironically Calls out Big Tech for Wrongful Right-Wing Censorship

“You allow murderous dictators all around the world to freely use your platform”

On October 28, 2020, Rick Scott comfortably sat in on his Zoom call to swing his pole of justice down on big tech censorship policies.

“Politifact is clearly a liberal media group.” He said. “You allow dangerous dictators on your platform.”

Trying to do some research, circa 3 seconds after Rick Scott uttered those words. Source: Thanks Google!

I, like most people, have never been under the impression that there were kind dictators. In fact, when I went ahead and “Felt Lucky”, I landed on an interesting Wikipedia page:

Ah, good old benevolence. Never a better way to ruin an otherwise nice word. Source: Wikipedia.

The first person listed was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. For the uninitiated, he was an architect for the genocides Turkey committed against the Armenians, Assyrians, and Greek. 100 years later, a Turkish puppet state is still attempting to exterminate ethnic Armenians.

Most people don’t know who Rick Scott is. And, like other politicians who get to create policy for people in the shadows, that’s the entire point.

“It’s genocide what they’re doing to the Uyghurs [in China],” Scott added.

Rick Scott is no stranger to the semblance of genocide. As governor of Florida, he tried to remove the process for capital punishment, making him and his fellow judges the sole decision-makers to execute inmates. The Supreme Court stopped him, obviously not understanding the priorities of the benevolent dictator at the time. That didn’t fully deter Scott, as he’s executed more inmates during his tenure as Governor of Florida than any other governor in the state’s history.

Legalities are formalities and bendable statutes in Scott’s book. Before his tenure as a governor, he was the CEO of the “largest for-profit health care company in the world.” But the 1990s proved to be a sad time for Scott, as the FBI caught wind that he had been falsifying patient records, supplying doctors with kickbacks in exchange for referrals, and generally transacting on non-existent procedures. In the real world, this would be seen as blatant fraud. However, Rick Scott got to resign as CEO owning almost half a billion dollars in shares, pleading the fifth 75 times during his deposition in 2000.

Of course, those references are backed by Politifact, but since the FBI did actually charge Columbia/HCA for north of $2 billion in fraud, reality seems to have a liberal bias.

Scott was never even charged with a crime. Columbia/HCA was charged with a crime. For reasons beyond justice’s understanding, the person that lead the company was not responsible for the company committing the crime.

Then, a few years later, that person lead Florida as Governor for 8 years.

And directly after that, he assumed office as Senator.

When it comes to leading the people, Rick Scott knows what to do. Regulations on fake news and fraud are a blow to his platform that he can’t afford right now. The truth hurts, but, for Rick Scott, the truth would bury him. This includes things like stealing from tax-payer funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to the tune of billions, or executing inmates without process or regard, or displaying concern about censorship on social media.

If the enemies are those that Rick Scott claims, then America — and Americans — may have been doomed a long time ago.

UC Berkeley, mathematics. Los Angeles. Long-time runner. Top writer on Quora, 100M+ total content views. New to Medium. Inquiries: Moumj@berkeley.edu

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