This YouTuber turned the Game Upside Down — And Gained 42 Million Subscribers in the Process

The most interesting character YouTube’s community has ever seen

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From shouting out the Jake Paulers, the Logang Paulers, and commanding his army of subscribers to go and subscribe to PewDiePie, Mr. Beast (aka Jimmy Donaldson) is a name known to many.

Mr. Beast’s videos span across hardcore gaming, counting to 300,000, giving random people thousands of dollars, giving a foodbank $100,000 in food, and creating tournaments with millions of dollars in prizes for his friends and subscribers to win.

If giving one of his friends an $800,000 island isn’t enough, each of his videos centers around the idea of attempting to top the previous.

It would be safe to say that Mr. Beast is unlike any content creator before him. Some have created impressive strides, but no content creator has pulled ahead with the accelerating force that he has. He has turned the game inward, and, by doing so, he has bypassed the traditional hoops of influencer growth.

Here are four things that have set him apart from everyone else.

Persistence in the unknown.

Mr. Beast has been around since the beginning, whether there has been money in it or not.

Source: Mr. Beast’s first videos.

His earliest videos had no true rhyme or reason. He was uploading things that he enjoyed doing anyway. While other YouTubers would have deleted the creation story, Jimmy hasn’t. He kept going for no reason other than to keep doing it.

Out of that, came everything. Trying to make sense of what he was doing never clocked in under the list of priorities. His videos contain random explosion gifs of the lowest quality and they end with a tribute to Rick and Morty that he used to play over 5 years ago.

It makes no sense, and, yet, it works.

Humble beginnings.

A lot of Jimmy’s videos had no pattern. Other YouTubers have structure, whereas he doesn’t. Anything from playing Minecraft, to Pokemon, to repeating words hundreds of thousands of times.

In fact, even with his massive followers today, he regularly tells his subscribers to go and subscribe to PewDiePie, the most subscribed to channel on YouTube.

He will give shoutouts to anybody else except himself. And that concept alone has garnered him even more subscribers. People love him because he is always willing to put himself second. The community sees that and puts him first.

It’s an inversion on everything marketing has ever taught you.

Gives away everything he has.

The cost count on his last 15 videos is astronomical — and it has come to the point where it’s not sustainable. Jimmy probably gives more money away than he makes on YouTube.

Source: Mr. Beast’s recent videos.

His recent videos involved giving away a Lamborghini, a house, an $800,000 island, $1,000,000 in lottery scratch-offs, a $600,000 firework, $50,000 gift, $100,000 gift, $200,000 to people who lost their jobs, a $250,000 rock, paper, scissors fundraiser, and a million dollars in food.

While other YouTubers are marketing their brands for the purpose of maintaining their lifestyle, Mr. Beast is actually using the money to give it right back to the people around him — and those who need it.

And that feeds into the last point.

Genuinely kind.

With most of the YouTube space, it’s easy to tell when you’re being scammed. If you’re an adult, that reaction is immediate. Celebrities like Logan Paul and Jake Paul have built their wealth on pre-teens who are mostly female. It involves marketing to an audience that doesn’t even understand the concept of marketing yet. They don’t understand advertising, yet, most of the YouTube channels beginnings are born out of sales to adolescent teenagers.

There is a problem with intentions when it comes to most YouTubers. You see the crazy cars, gigantic houses, absurd wealth, and the motivation behind those dollars isn’t to provide you with meaningful content. It’s to service the lifestyle of some entity that’s only real through the lens of a video camera.

Mr. Beast is the genuine character that the platform has been missing. The money goes to the people who need it. The money that is made goes toward helping others whilst also providing content.

The content helps his platform grow — but the main motivation behind the actions has nothing but purity of a person doing good.

In this vast world of superficiality and drama and strange entanglements, Mr. Beast is a breath of fresh air the platform has never seen before and will likely never see after.

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